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Benefits, Insurances, and Services


EXTO has additional advantages!  Our knowledge, expertise, and business relationships allow us to obtain excellent, budget-friendly rates on lots of products and services that you need and want to run your business more cost-effectively. 

If you are looking to protect yourself as a small business owner, your employees and their families, or your business, EXTO can help. Working with EXTO has its rewards. Having access to hundreds of cost-effective options to safeguard what's most important to you is a huge one!

Personal and Business Lines of Insurance

Whether it’s employee health, dental, vision or life benefits, supplemental insurance products, auto, general or professional liability lines, or even workers’ compensation insurance, get the coverage you need.


Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

An FSA allows an employee to set aside a portion of earnings to pay for qualified expenses as established in the cafeteria plan, most commonly for medical expenses but often for dependent care or other expenses.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Take steps to protect your business with Employment Practices Liability Insurance.  EPLI protects you from claims and EEOC complaints of discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and other employer/employee related claims brought on by your employees.


Feel the need to clone yourself some days?  No time to find and hire the right employee?  You also have access to superior service businesses that can strengthen and reinforce your HR functions - high return at low cost.  

Pre-employment Background Checks

Every time you hire an employee, you put a lot on the line.  The wrong decision could jeopardize your firm’s assets, reputation or security.  Implementing comprehensive criminal background checks as part of your new hire process is a wise decision.


Pre-employment Drug Screening

Pre-employment drug screening can help ensure you’re hiring the best possible candidate for the job while protecting your assets and minimizing potential threats or losses.

Skills Testing

Validated assessments for a multitude of industries and skill sets.  Online assessments include basic, intermediate and advanced level analysis to help pinpoint employee strengths and training needs.


Personality Assessments

Enables clients to assess knowledge, skills, personality, and behavioral traits in selecting top performing staff. It also provides insights into employees' emotional intelligence. Additionally, this solution may also be used to improve recruitment, team collaboration, leadership, succession and communication.

Engagement Surveys

Enables clients to gain objective insight into leadership and organizational performance challenges using customized questions designed in collaboration with clients and delivered by an third party.


Workforce Analytics

Consulting and application based solutions to assist companies in improving productivity, performance and profitability through data analytics solutions including visualization tools (dashboards).

Compliance or safety issues getting you down?  Let EXTO help.  Training can be managed and tracked within EXTO at no additional cost.  Access to our Learning Campus is embedded in EXTO where you'll find discounted prices on 1000s  of Health & Safety, professional development, software skills, and other certificate-related courses. 

OSHA Complaint Health and Safety Training

An online solution that provides all-inclusive packages of online Health and Safety courses. The library of courses meets OSHA training requirements.


Legal Assistance

Access to a network of qualified legal experts, helping to protect your interests and those of your company.

Time Clock and Attendance Solutions

Conveniently and easily track employee time and attendance utilizing one of several time tracking devices.  Whether it’s with a barcode or mag strip reader or an advanced and secure biometric hand or fingerprint scanner, accurate employee time tracking is a fundamental necessity for every employer.


Once you've spent the time and effort to find your perfect employees, of course you want to keep them.  Now you can offer those additional benefits that you just couldn't afford before EXTO.

401(k) Retirement Plan

Employees place a high value on retirement benefits and consider retirement plan to be a vital part of their overall compensation package.  The nation’s best employers recognize the importance of 401(k) offerings as a critical employee attraction and retention tool.


529 College Savings Plan

A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs with certain tax benefits.

Guess what?!  This can all be handled by our team of full-licensed, experienced insurance and service professionals.  Your dedicated guru will create a customized, affordable package specific to your business and needs.  They will always be there to support you and your employees during onboarding, open enrollment, and any other times you need our help!

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