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Become Indispensible to Your Small Business Clients

Your company is already a valuable resource for small business owners. Make it indispensable by offering comprehensive business services through EXTO. Simple, affordable and exceptionally powerful, EXTO provides innovative solutions that allow small enterprises to compete with major competitors. Look at all of the features that EXTO provides in one amazing  easy-to-use package.

The Human Resource & Productivity Suite

The Member Rewards &  Benefits Program

Optional Product & Service Bundles

Savings on the Go!

The truly affordable monthly EXTO subscription also allows small business owners to offer their employees valuable benefits with no additional costs. These include 15% – 50% discounts and deals from over 310,000 local and national vendors all accessible from any device, any time – no downloads required. In addition, items like eTickets, in-store coupons, and monthly newsletters can be branded with your logo, furthering your impact on your small business customers and members.






Marketing Made Easy!

Our program also allows small business owners to increase customer loyalty by posting their own discounts, cash back rewards or special offers such as “buy one – get one free” to our EXTO Perks community.   Available to thousands of consumers both locally and nationwide, these listings create a very powerful business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing tool that most small business owners couldn’t normally afford.

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