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What's the difference between EXTO and other payroll services or software?

EXTO is the only full-service payroll company that processes your first 5 employees for free. In addition, you get a complete Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and an Employee Perks and Rewards program absolutely free. All of this for the affordable subscription cost of $99!

Who do I contact if I need help setting up my account?

Our fabulous team of experts is here to help you make the transition to EXTO as easy as possible. You will be assigned an expert Account Manager who will be assisting you in the setup process.

Do you have direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is free with EXTO.

Do I have to wait until the beginning of the year to start using EXTO?

No waiting necessary. You can get started today! We'll collect some basic information from you to make the change stress-free!

What will my employees be able to do using the Self-Service feature?

Employee Self-Service allows them to update their personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, direct deposit data, and emergency contacts. They can request personal time off (PTO) and check on their time and attendance. Best of all, they can view and print their pay stubs and W-2s. Just think of how much time this saves you on a daily basis!

Do you offer a free trial? What if I don't like EXTO?

Because of the behind-the-scenes work of setting up employees in our system, we can't offer a free trial.  However, you are protected by our full 90-day money back guarantee.  You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain by trying EXTO!