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Advice from Mentors

Million Dollar Advice from Mentors of Entrepreneurs Success is rarely achieved alone   Almost all successful entrepreneurs will tell you the same thing – they couldn’t have done it without help from someone. We came across this great article on and wanted to share some of it with you, it’s advice that famous business […]

The Value of Employee Wellness Programs

The Value of Employee Wellness Programs Health in the Workplace There is little doubt that employee health is important.  Employees who are sick and stressed contribute little to the workplace and the overall success of a company. The article below is condensed from an article by Kenneth Thorpe and Mary Grealy, and may be found […]

Best Ways to Reward Employees

Image credit: If You Want Happy Employees … We spend a lot of time finding good people to work for us, only to lose them to a competitor after they’re trained. Why? Employee happiness is not “all about the money” (although that is important)! Recognition and appreciation are also huge factors in employee satisfaction. The […]

5 Things Small Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing

5 Things Small Business Should Consider Outsourcing Small business owners often try to do too much for themselves Did you realize that some things are better outsourced?  There are some very compelling reasons NOT to try to do everything yourself – sometimes those menial tasks can take time away from what you are really good at […]