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Million Dollar Advice from Mentors of Entrepreneurs

Success is rarely achieved alone


Almost all successful entrepreneurs will tell you the same thing - they couldn't have done it without help from someone.

We came across this great article on and wanted to share some of it with you, it's advice that famous business people learned from their mentors, that they are now willing to share with you.  (For the full article, click here.)

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1. Be ready to sacrifice.

  • Be practical. How much money do you have to stay alive and for how long? Do you have enough money to cover your rent, expenses (anticipated and unexpected), and overhead for a year? You should.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice. The minute you decide to launch a new business, you decide to do nothing else. Build your business for the next year or two. Every minute of every eighteen-hour day should be dedicated to this endeavor. Your business success will come at the expense of family time, friend time, vacations, and any other hobbies or activities you once enjoyed. This business has to be your entire life, or it will die.

 2. The world is malleable.

  • The world around us is malleable. If you can imagine it and break it down, you can create and mold it.
  • Ultimate beauty combines form and function. Things should be finely crafted to elegantly accomplish something meaningful.
  • Ego does not achieve anything alone. Often, we need to find our place within a team to accomplish great goals.

3. Act with integrity.

No matter what happens on the battlefield of business, if you’re honest and authentic, you can never lose, no matter what. You might lose the sale or not make as much as intended, but you acted with integrity and can always hold your head up. Never take favors either. If a vendor or supplier offers so-called “free" goods or services to help gain your business, never accept; you don't owe them anything in return.

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