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GrowthCorp Alliance helps companies like yours become even more indispensable by giving you the power to offer unique value-driven products and services that promote greater customer and member retention and stickiness. Our unique business platform gives your customers and members everything they need to run a successful small business, while requiring nominal internal resources on your side. It has been a founding principle of our company to listen to our Channel Partners, and not guess what works for them.

“Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It is about saying NO to all but what makes sense.” – Steve Jobs

EXTO makes perfect sense!

At GrowthCorp Alliance, we’ve developed a first-to-market web-based tool called EXTO, which gives your customers and members virtually every business tool they need to successfully run their enterprises.

From payroll processing to tax filings and much, much more, EXTO makes it easy to handle most critical back office functions, making your company an essential long-term asset your customers and members simply cannot do without.

By offering EXTO to your customers, you’ll reap huge benefits, including the ability to:

Easy Administration.

Because we do it all for you.

EXTO creates a monthly recurring revenue stream for your organization using a subscription membership business model.

What’s more, we can offer EXTO as a white-label product, meaning you promote and provide the software using your branding. This serves to increase the value of your brand and sets you apart from competitors as a comprehensive service provider, which offers a full spectrum of solutions for small businesses.

Best of all, you can offer your customers or members all of these hugely attractive benefits at no cost, since we handle everything from the backend. EXTO also manages the most common challenges confronting the small business owner.

Because small business owners are forced to wear several different hats, they’re constantly looking for ways to save money and promote efficiency.

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