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By partnering with GrowthCorp Alliance, we bring innovation for large organizations such as yours to leverage your small business client or member base! At GrowthCorp Alliance, we’re committed to providing our valued Channel Partners with the highest level of service and transparency.

GrowthCorp Alliance was founded by a tenured group of experienced business professionals with like minds, interests, ethics and amazingly similar, passionate personalities and backgrounds that instantly came together like chocolate and peanut butter. Having all started as small business owners at some point in our careers, we fully understand the frustrations and challenges that come with running a small enterprise. This is where our vision began.

With over 13 continuous years of experience within the talent management, software, payroll processing, PEO, ASO, benefits, training, and recruiting industries, we’ve had the opportunity to work hands-on with countless large scale enterprise organizations as well as thousands of small businesses.

We chose to focus our energy and business model on the small business market. Through this experience, we developed the innovative concept of a just-the-right-size, scaled-down, total Human Resource Information System to meet the needs of small business owners working throughout every field and industry. All of us believed we could build a better mousetrap when it came to handling backend office tasks – and that’s exactly what we’ve done!

We listened to a large number of user groups consisting solely of small business owners voicing their demand for a tool that could help them save money, be more efficient, and help them manage their business’ costs effectively.

We also learned that small business owners wanted a solution that would help them manage all facets of their businesses, not just HR related. Our take away message was – The business owner’s main focus was on finding cost-effective easy to use tools for sustained growth. So, we decided to name our product and service EXTO, a Latin word that means “to stand out and GROW.”

EXTO provides the core functionality small businesses need, all in one tidy, easy to use package and dashboard. EXTO allows small business owners to focus on growing their businesses and leave the everyday mundane worrying to us.

Fully proven and 100% secure, EXTO is a fully-integrated HRIS that provides a host of benefits, including payroll management, employee self-help, loyalty rewards, cash back, and a discount program small business owners can use for both B2B and B2C online marketing. It even allows small business owners to provide their employees with excellent benefit programs, including a health and wellness center, to reduce employee turnover.

You deserve an “Aha!” moment! Growing your customer base has never been easier. Let us show you how.

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Hear what people are saying...

"Like most directors . . . my job duties entail that I wear many different hats. Most of these hats divert my attention away from my main priority . . . You have taken the burden of HR, Payroll, workers compensation, employee benefits, and safety training issues off my plate." - Elena S., Director, Surgery Center
"They are responsive, professional, and knowledgeable on best practices for small business like ours. We love all of the online features available to us and we feel that they have simplified the payroll processing that many other companies make more complicated." - Angela O., Director of Operations, Children’s Events
"Recently I used the Perks and Rewards program to book my hotel reservations in a major city. It was quick, convenient and more than I expected. I called the toll free number, gave the call center agent my promotion code and the agent did the rest. She booked me in a nice hotel near the venue where our event was scheduled at a rate that was well below the market rate for the property." - Larry M., Abilene, TX
"I’ve used the Perks and Rewards program to buy gift certificates to some restaurants in our area we like. They’re great for taking the family out, or to offer to friends and family as gifts!" - Mark W., Salinas, CA
"I logged into my Perks and Discount account . . . purchased the tickets with my credit card, and immediately redeemed my tickets at the ticket booth by simply showing the cashier my phone. We saved $8 on two tickets!" - Chrissy W., Washington D.C.