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Your Customers – Their Challenges

Small business owners are constantly juggling critical responsibilities which demand huge chunks of valuable time. What’s more, they’re usually forced to meet these obligations with unforgiving budgets and limited help. Forced to wear so many hats, these hardworking entrepreneurs need ways to streamline and facilitate critical daily operations to promote continued success and new growth. By offering EXTO to your customers or members, you’ll provide innovative solutions that will put an end to wasted time and money, allowing them to escape frustration and optimize their businesses in ways they never thought possible.

When it comes to running a small business, most entrepreneurs face similar challenges related to back office operations, payroll and tax filings, cost management, sales, marketing, visibility, attracting new customers, and employee turnover. EXTO solves all of these problems by giving small business owners everything they need to run a successful enterprise.


As easy as a paperclip

What is EXTO?

By definition, EXTO is a secure, user-friendly, web-based human resource technology solution created specifically for small businesses. In action, it’s a powerful, intuitive cloud-based software that takes the pain out of running a successful small business. It is offered in a unique monthly membership-based subscription plan which means no hardware or software costs!

Using a clean, easy-to-use dashboard interface with just one database, your small business customers will be able to effectively manage most essential back office functions, including payroll, benefits, taxes, employee scheduling, background checks, performance management, training and so much more.

EXTO includes a variety of other growth-enhancing benefits, such as cash back and member discount loyalty programs with over 125,000 vendors. It even offers a Financial and Health Wellness program that allows small business owners to offer their employees valuable, no-cost benefits to reduce employee turnover. It provides access to powerful sales, marketing and visibility tools, which help smaller companies market directly to consumers and other businesses in ways they never thought possible.

Best of all, we provide EXTO as a white-label or co-branded product, meaning you promote it to your customers and members using your brand.

Your company incurs no extra costs or administrative headaches. We handle it all, from setup to support and everything in between.

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Why EXTO for Them?

With EXTO on their side, your small business customers and members will wield the power to quickly and efficiently manage virtually every back office function, using a secure, web-based dashboard that’s intuitive enough for even the most inexperienced user. They’ll also receive huge benefits related to marketing, visibility, consumer and employee loyalty, and better cost management. By streamlining a wide array of essential small business functions, EXTO provides your customers and members with the gift of time, so they can stop spinning wheels and focus on strategies that push their companies forward and reduce their cost of doing business.

By offering EXTO to your customers and members, you’ll provide innovative solutions that will put an end to wasted time and money, allowing them to escape frustration and optimize their businesses to ensure their success.

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"Your employees have been AMAZING. The customer service that I have received has been over and beyond what I ever expected. . . . when I request something it gets done. When there is a problem it gets fixed. It is truly a pleasure to deal with our team and I definitely feel the love." - Amie C., Office Manager, Communications Company
"They demonstrate the utmost of professionalism . . . always timely in their responses to our daily needs and most importantly, they are honest and trustworthy. . . . do yourself a favor and utilize the resources available . . ." - Lee M., Director, Medical Center
"They are responsive, professional, and knowledgeable on best practices for small business like ours. We love all of the online features available to us and we feel that they have simplified the payroll processing that many other companies make more complicated." - Angela O., Director of Operations, Children’s Events
"Their staff is very knowledgeable and has exceeded every expectation. We are very proud and honored to be associated with them." - Sally R., Controller, Auto Repair
"I have enjoyed working with our account manager during our onboarding process into the complete fruition of finalized services . . . she has been the epitome of friendly professionalism. " - Jodi M., Accounts Manager, Waste Carrier